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Amid COVID-19 measures taken by the Delhi Govt. our operations are closed from 23rd to 31st March 2020. However, our customer support is working from home to make sure your queries are answered.

iOS-Expert for Business

It is quite simple. You are running a business, focussing on growth, you’re hustling. Your MacBooks and iPhones are just enablers, tools in your hands. Glitches in these devices, can be encumbrances at best, show-stoppers at worst. You don’t want to be dealing with that.

Esp. in case of Apple devices, asset management requires considerable expertise. Skirting around the challenge can cause productivity loss, monetary loss and employer image loss. This is where iOS-Expert steps in.

iOS-Expert - your Apple experts for all reasons

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iOS-Expert perks for Businesses

Priority service, Fast turnaround time.

Free pickup and delivery, on-site services

Special pricing, quarterly volume-based discount slabs

For AMC clients: regular check-ups, preventive diagnosis

Dedicated service advisor for all queries & support

GST billing for all sales & service.

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